Easy Summer Cheese Board

Cheese boards on a Monday in case you want to pretend like the weekend didn’t end!

Actually, do we even need the weekend as an excuse? I could do a cheese board most days and nights without needing any excuse at all.

Cheese runs deep through my veins.

And with my four weekend whirlwind finally coming to an end yesterday, cheese has definitely run deep through my veins. 4 weeks of traveling (or hosting) and eating and drinking all things in sight!

2 wedding showers, 1 wedding, 2 bachelorette parties. Sounds like a movie title doesn’t it?

My eyes can barely stay open – and summer has just begin.

Granted, I have about a week to rest up and then it’s time to start the week-long festivities for my sister’s wedding. I’m surviving on a lot of coffee, a lot of love, a little bit of energy, and all the cheese. (No seriously, a lot of cheese.)

Since the summer has started with a huge bang (and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down), I have a good feeling that there will be a lot of appetizer boards like this one in the future.

Making a cheese board is super simple – almost embarrassingly so (and yet, here I am sharing a post about it) – but it can also be weirdly overwhelming if you take your appetizer game as serious as I do.

How much is too much? How much is not enough? Do you know your guests well enough to know if they’re down for some stinky cheese or is it good to go a safe route? What else are we having?

So – this board, super simple. I could really step my game up and give you a much more epic one, but it really was just me and Erick having a little happy hour so I couldn’t go overboard. Ok let’s say I could, but I shouldn’t go overboard.

This particularly easy summer cheese board features a few different delicious cheeses, some fruit, my favorite Trader Joes crackers, some salami + prosciutto, and some jam! Voila.

Simple and straight to the point. My cheesy veins are screaming yes for summer apps.

Easy Summer Cheese Board
  • 3-4 different kinds of cheese (aged cheese, hard cheese, soft/goat cheese, or if you think your guests will love a blue cheese, add that too!)
  • crackers/bread/breadsticks (have a couple of different things depending on what type of cheese you're serving)
  • charcuterie (salami, prosciutto, pepperoni, etc.)
  • jam/marmalade (great to have if you're serving a brie or goat cheese!)
  • fruits - grapes, apple slices, berries, stone fruit
  • snacks: almonds, pistachios, olives, roasted red peppers, etc.
  1. Arrange all on a platter and serve!

3 thoughts on “Easy Summer Cheese Board

  1. Gorgeous cheese board, Michelle! I never know when to stop when putting one together, but thankfully I love all the stuff I do put on there so if there’s extra it’s no biggie 🙂 I could seriously eat this every.single.day!!

  2. LOLed at cheesy veins. Caitlin Fig and I were singing last weekend Rihanna’s new and improved version of “musttt beeee cheese on the brain, that’s got me feeling this wayyyy”. Keeping this photo for the next time I host. LOVE ALL THE SOFT AND HARD AND CRUMBLY CHEE.

  3. So purty smelly! And I know it’s easy, but I really do struggle making a good cheeseboard so I needed this.

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