Friday Finds

Photo via Mademoiselle Vuitton

I took a few weeks of from Friday finds, but now we’re back!

Warm weather and sunny Saturday makes me feel alive! We’re heading to a 70s/80s costume party tomorrow and I know everyone is going all out with their outfits. I also have some (lofty?) goals to photograph a bunch of recipes while I have the free time before things start to really get crazy. 

What’s everyone craving right now? Let’s dream up some meal plans for the week ahead.

There is nothing better than a really good piece of bread topped with all the delicious fixings!

Pasta salad glow goals. 

These lentil cakes looks so flavorful!

Gourmet grilled cheese! 

A few of my favorite smoothie things.

A soup I could easily eat in the spring and summer.

Have you hopped on the turmeric train yet?

Obsessed with these hummus quesadillas!

Beer can chicken! 

2 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. Happy Fri-Yay, sweet thang! OMG, a 70s/80s costume party?! SO FUN!! I’m a sucker for costumes, especially they involve a really cool era!!! I hope you have a blast! And I hope you accomplish your lofty photography goals! Thank you so much for the link love, girl! Cheers to a fabulous (and productive?) weekend!! <3

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