Friday Finds

Photo via Shay Cochrane

Anyone else think this week flew by?

Finding it hard to believe it’s already the weekend, but that comes with zero complaints! 

Is this wacky weather supposed to hit y’all too? Staying tuned for what is to come..can’t really believe they’re calling for snow on Sunday when it’s supposed to be 70 and sunny today.

Always love finding lightened-up versions of my favorite comfort dishes.

Can we talk about this gorgeous oatmeal for a sec?

Blood orange + chocolate scones, um hi!?

Guinness Floats! Exactly how I’ll be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

Loving lentils right now. Plus! The First Mess Cookbook, so good.

Ummm how fun are these cereal smoothies?

Running to the store to gather the ingredients for this baked gnocchi. 

I’ll never say no to banana bread. Ever.

3 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. WOW. I am making both the cereal smoothie and the baked gnocchi TODAY. RIGHT NOW. IN MY OFFICE. EVERYONE GATHER ROUND.

    But seres, thanks for sharing these!

  2. I’ve wanted to attempt banana bread for so long. I’m adding chocolate chips to this recipe, but the almond looks like a fantastic addition for the nut loving hubby of mine 😉

  3. Today I’m home on a snow day and made banana bread, although it’s definitely not as pretty as that. I wanted to put a glaze on it and Florian said it had “character”. That means it’s ugly. Cass WOULD love the cereal smoothie. Guinness floats look amaze, but I’m an irish car bomb girl myself.

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