Friday Finds

Photo via Studio M

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, friends!

Can’t wait to see how everyone is celebrating this weekend. I’m anticipating an Instagram flood of all things green, so don’t disappoint! 

My site was shut down yesterday for maintenance (it’s really fun when you’re unaware of this…) so I wasn’t able to get the recipe up I had hoped to – saving it for next week! When the schedule gets thrown off a bit, I’d normally stress out, probably call my hosting site (because I’m cray), and yell a fewwww too many words. I kept my cool though — adulting! Yeah, sure?

Not much else to report, I’m just itching for the warm weather again this weekend!

Holiday or not, I’d make these milkshakes all the time.

Pizza Friday, anyone?

Homemade pop tarts! Yes, yes, yes!

Guysss these pudding shooters are where it’s AT.

LOVE this soup, but more importantly the concept behind this new series is so inspiring.

This is a major throwback to the 90s and I don’t hate it.

Run to the store and get the ingredients for these Guinness donuts stat.

Peas + cheesy potatoes, a combination that will never fail!

Let’s take the time to make a really kick ass breakfast like this. 

Scallops forever and always.

3 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. Love love love the “food for a broken heart” soup. What an awesome initiative. You always find the most delicious looking goods!

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