Friday Finds

photo via Moon and Trees

One of the things I wanted to start in 2017 was a weekly thread of all my favorite internet finds each week!

In looking back on the last year, I realized that a lot of the recipe posts I shared on Friday’s didn’t get a ton of love like I anticipated. In reality it makes sense – Friday’s are often spent out of office, away from our screens, or already in weekend mode. So! I’m going to change it up a bit this time around.

My goal is still to share 2-3 recipe posts a week, plus my Friday finds! Making 2017 a bigger, better year.

(And now that I’ve shared the intro, I typically just plan to roll right into it each week…) Less talk, more links.

Make mine a double this morning.

I want a HUGE bowl of this for lunch. Those toasted breadcrumbs!

I love that citrus season is smack dab in the dead of winter! This fennel and citrus salad, and this upside down citrus cake are reminders that January can still be bright and beautiful.

THIS. So beautifully written. 

Favorite insta account these days.

The true definition of man’s best friend. 

Rice Krispies Treats + Nutella. I repeat, NUTELLA.

Visually stunning and so tasty. 

Dinner one night next week? I think so.

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