March Recap: Starting Fresh (Part One)

Sharing something a little different this week!

At the beginning of each month, I try to set a few goals that I’d like to accomplish before the start of the next one. I like seeing big picture, but it’s more attainable for me to break it down into smaller things – and a month gives me enough chunk of time to work on something without overdoing it.

This year, instead of just setting goals, I decided I wanted to do monthly “themes.” Things I need to improve, new activities to explore, dedicate more time to something I want to learn about.

Granted there have only been three months in 2017, but at the end of each – I like to reevaluate how I felt personally, physically, mentally, etc. and then set the theme for next month based off that.

During the month of March, Erick and I decided together that we wanted to eliminate some foods from our day, put the semi-slugglish lifestyle that we had fallen into to a stop, and overall just hit the reset button.

After the holidays we never felt like we got back on track – and we knew March was going to be a very low-key one socially, with no travel plans or happy hours to sidetrack us, so we decided that we needed to do something.

I like to think that 85% of the time, I do well. I drink a ton of water, I pack lunches and good snack options to bring with me when I head out each day, I incorporate veggies and fruits in anywhere I can. We eat good dinners, and I treat myself to dessert when I crave it. Blah, blah, blah, right?

I wanted to share my March experience with y’all because it’s food-related, and as a blogger constantly surrounded by food, food, and more food – it can be hard. Food is my love language, it represents me in the best possible way. Every dish I think up or crave comes from how I’m feeling at that given time.

Before March, I could tell I was just getting bored with my food choices. I was off track, I was feeling lethargic and rushed, and lacking creativity in the kitchen (which I confessed to y’all back in February). Winter is rough, and this particular winter I had a lot going on so some meals became an afterthought. It’s hard to gravitate towards salads and fresh ingredients when it’s cold out and all you want is a big comforting bowl of carbs and a batch of Sunday night cookies.

And being around kids most hours of the day I found myself snacking more, thinking less. Not that I think every bite of food needs to be eaten with intention, but after I’d eat a thousand and one goldfish and a girl scout cookie (three) – I’d ask myself why? Were you even hungry?

I’ll be honest, I truly can say I don’t think I’ve ever gone on a “diet”. Diet just isn’t a word I like to put in my – or anyone’s – vocabulary, I think it does a lot more harm than good. So step one for me was not looking at it as a “diet.” Because honestly it wasn’t. But there were some habits I knew I could cut back on, some I should incorporate more, and I really just wanted to challenge myself to try something different.

I’m breaking this up into two parts because it’s a really wordy post and we don’t need 2,000 words at once. So tomorrow I plan to share a bit more about our month. What we ate, some of the major things I’ve taken away, how I’ll continue to practice everything I did last month because I feel a thousand times more like myself again, and how tweaking just the smallest things have made a difference.

I just wanted to set the tone a bit (ok a lot – I kept writing and writing!) because I think it’s really important to listen to bodies when it’s telling us to ease up or give more. Until tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “March Recap: Starting Fresh (Part One)

  1. This is such a great idea, Michelle ! I think we’ve all been there, mindlessly eating. And goals are definitely less daunting when broken down smaller; little steps at a time, right? Looking forward to reading more tomorrow 🙂

  2. So inspiring, when I needed it most. Pre-wedding ‘dieting’ got me exhausted and then I spent the following six months telling myself I ‘deserve’ the pizza, the dessert, the junk. Now I am just left feeling bloated, unmotivated and unhappy. I am excited to join you in your reset- thanks for the post- xo!

  3. Love this! So much more manageable when you can attack smaller goals and help it feel less daunting. It’s actually nice to know that eating poorly wears off after awhile and our bodies will crave those fruits and veggies – it’s good to remember that when we crave all the bad things! The novelty certainly wears off, and I hear you in winter girl with all things chee.

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