Hi there, I’m Michelle.

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my world!

About Mereally do think the secret ingredient in every dish is love. It’s a pretty corny joke my Dad has used since I was younger. The secret ingredient in every stack of pancakes or pot of homemade sauce was always love.

And it has since remained true.

Food and writing have always been two of my biggest passions. I am my most comfortable and most creative when I’m either cooking or writing. (Or both!) So in 2014 I decided there is no better way to combine that love than to dive in and start this blog.

Browse around and you will find a variety of recipes – quick meals, healthy snacks, family favorites, indulgent desserts, and much more!

I do my best to incorporate fresh and seasonal ingredients whenever possible. I eat more vegetables than fruits. The smell of garlic makes me weak. Cheese is a main course. Tacos aren’t just for Tuesdays. Ice cream always wins.  Always. 

So many of my best days and favorite memories have taken place in the kitchen surrounded by good company. There is always a good story to tell, recipe to share, challenge to take, reason to cheers to.  Memories are made in a kitchen built on love.

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