Three-Cheese Baked Pasta

Yep, we went there already.

I know…if you read my rant on Wednesday about everyone shooing away summer like it’s an annoying fly, then you’re probably thinking I am a walking (writing? cooking?) contradiction. BUT in my defense, this is made with tonssss of tomatoes from my parent’s garden, so I really am still celebrating summer produce… with a cheesy, comforting, ooey-gooey baked pasta dish.  Read more

Cheesy Cauliflower Casserole

What happens when you’re in the mood for mashed potatoes but can’t actually bring yourself to make mashed potatoes because it’s too hot outside for said mashed potatoes?

You apparently substitute it with a comforting bowl of baked cheesy cauliflower casserole, and all feels right in the world.

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Overnight Baked French Toast

Even though we still have a couple of weeks until egg hunts and Easter baskets, I couldn’t resist.

Easter Brunch calls for overnight baked french toast!

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