Our Wedding: Part I

Photo via Taylor Parker Photography

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been more excited to share a post! Probably because I get to relive our wedding week all over again, and it really was the most incredible time of our lives, so why wouldn’t I want to relive it?

While I briefly would talk about wedding planning, I never fully dove into a lot of details for a few reasons. First, I obviously identify myself as a food blogger, so I didn’t want to get too personal in case people didn’t care to read it (but sorry, I’m diving now). And I also wanted to make sure everything came together and ran smoothly. But after I posted this picture to instagram, I got a lot of questions about how we found our venue and what it was like to plan a “destination” wedding…

Photo via Taylor Parker Photography

So, let’s recap now! I wasn’t planning on it, but I’m going to break this up into a couple of posts because it’s pretty wordy, so this one is all about the lead up to the big day.

A quick 30-second catch up on how got there: While neither of us are from North Carolina, since we moved to Charlotte almost four years ago, we spend a lot of time in the mountains (it’s about a 2 hour drive, so easy to make a lot of day trips up there). Erick proposed there (read all about it here!), I thought forever that I’d get married in my hometown of Cleveland – after looking at a couple of venues up there – we jokingly threw around the idea of doing a mountain wedding to make it special for both of us.

We ran the idea past the VIPs (our parents, duh), since my sister got married in June in a beautiful venue in downtown Cleveland, my mom and dad loved the idea of us searching for a place in the mountains. And from there, we hit the ground running. We booked our venue about 2 weeks after we got engaged, we looked at a few other places in the towns of Blowing Rock and Boone, but nothing compared to Overlook Barn.

Photo via Taylor Parker Photography
Photo via Taylor Parker Photography

It was exactly what we wanted, and then some. From the second we pulled in, it literally took our breaths away and we knew right then it was THE one. I know some people search and search until they’ve exhausted all options, but I was surprised at a lot of my decision-making throughout the wedding planning process. I didn’t want to think too hard, so if it felt right, it was probably right.

It was incredibly lucky that the ONLY weekend we could get married in the fall (my brother is a football coach, and it was their bye weekend) was the only weekend they had an opening. Venues book up so fast! I think we slept on it one night, woke up, and started signing contracts. We got married on a Friday, had the rehearsal dinner and a welcome party on the Thursday, and on the Saturday we brought in a food truck from Asheville and set up a bunch of games in the yard. We turned the weekend into a big party so we could really enjoy a few days with family and friends in our favorite place.

Photo via Taylor Parker Photography

Overlook Barn sits atop of the ski town Beech Mountain, and we were lucky that there were great houses to rent for the week on the same street as the venue, we used our families houses as the center point for a lot of the activites.

Choosing all the vendors came together easily which really helped since it was in the mountains and we had to set days/weekends for when we could get up there to do a lot of the in-person stuff. Our vendors were amazing, since it’s a small mountain town, they’ve all worked together a ton which really helped. When your caterer/coordinator is on a first name close basis with your florist and bakery, you know you’re in good hands. They worked together flawlessly to execute our day to be what we wanted, and really took away a ton of the stress I was worried about.

I’m a person who loves the little details, which I know is a complete downfall when it comes to something like a wedding, because I wanted to add a lot of “little touches” to make the day special. I’ll also be the first to admit that I’m a little bit of a control-freak which doesn’t help either.

Oh well, you only get married once (hopefully), so why not have it how you want it, right? With that said, I am incredibly organized, set a plan and timeline for all the things that I wanted, and started working on a lot of it months in advance so we could enjoy the wedding week without scrambling.

Photo via Taylor Parker Photography

We got married on the first day of fall, so the weather was still nice during the day but chillier at night (especially with the altitude we were at). So we knew we could still get away with incorporating some lighter touches, and decided we wanted our color scheme to be a lot of greens, white, blush with a ton of copper accents. Overlook Barn is an incredible space with huge farm tables, so we wanted those to be left bare with greenery accents and flowers, and a few votives on each table. The space has a lot of stalls, so we used those to set up our dessert table, photo booth, and a little memorial table of frames.

Photo via Taylor Parker Photography

We DIY-ed a lot of the coppery decor because real copper is expensive as all hell and we weren’t paying a ton of money for that stuff. My parents were troopers; early on into both my sister and my wedding process, they went to a recycled bridal boutique and FaceTimed us the entire time while they hunted down pieces that we would want to use. Then a week in early August my mom came to visit, and her, Erick and I spent a day gathering the rest of the supplies we wanted, picking out a copper spray paint, and started tackling the projects. Truthfully we didn’t actually “craft” a ton, it was mostly spray painting picture frames, lanterns, etc. to all match.

Then I did a lot of stuff on the computer as well. I created our welcome bag booklet and wedding programs, a stamp to use for trail mix bags and cocktail napkins, a lot of the signs at the wedding (and then used Etsy for the other ones!), placecards, etc. I found a lot of inspiration on Etsy and Pinterest and then basically recreated them. A lot of the computer stuff was done over the summer because I knew it would take some time, and then we filled in a lot of the blanks the week before.

Fast forward to September 18, 2017 and after a year of wedding planning I was on my way up to the mountains to spend the week with family and friends and impatiently wait until Erick would arrive two days later. The planning process flew by towards the end.

My amazing sister (and MOH) who got married at the end of June flew back from Australia in early September for our wedding. She came down the weekend before the wedding to help with all the last-minute stuff (like learning how to bustle my dress, finish up crafts, calm my nerves, have someone to yell at etc). And I’m especially grateful she was there the morning I left because we had SO much stuff to bring up – the downfall of bringing in all your own booze is figuring out how to get it there.

We picked up my college roommate at the airport, and then we were off. Part II coming soon!

(Note: some photos in this post are captured by our amazing photographer Taylor Parker Photography, unless otherwise noted – those were taken from our camera, or friends and family!)

12 thoughts on “Our Wedding: Part I

  1. Grams and Aunt Mimi can not wait till Part II

    Beautiful week- Beautiful venue – Beautiful Bride and Handsome Groom

    Love you both -and Talk soon

  2. It’s like reliving it all again ! Love the details and the build up to the big day. Such beautiful photos for the most beautiful day and the most beautiful people!! (My people).

  3. Happy you chose to get a little personal and share the big day on the blog! The entire weekend was spectacular and all of the little details perfect. XO!

  4. Absolutely breathtakingly beautiful!!!!from the atmosphere to family n freinds to the amazing couple…all made for an awsome weekend and wonderful 1st day of the rest of your life!! Love ❤️ to all and THANK YOU for inviting us to be a part of your special Weekend!!!!!

  5. I love reading and thinking back on your wedding day. One of the things I remember most is your smile and how wonderful you and Erick are! Looking forward to revisiting your wedding weekend! Oh, and we loved celebrating your wedding with you!
    Venue Manager Overlook Barn

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